ENRESS 1000 liquidation of tires


Energy potential of output products of thermal depolymerization of waste tires.

ENRRESS 1000 technology is designed for processing 1,000 kg / hour of waste tires with a pool of 8,000 operating hours per year.

With the average material amount mentioned above, the production of the individual fractions obtained is as follows:


                                               Mass fraction         Volume fraction      Calorific value

A) process gas                            230 kg / hour            221 m3 / hour                 8 MJ / m3

B) liquid recyclate (oil)            360 kg / hour.           450 litres / hour              39 MJ / kg

C) carbon residue                      410 kg / h. of which 70 kg / hour metals


A) Use of process gas

The calorific value of the process gas reaches 31.8 MJ / m3 and thus enables the energy potential of production of 1,952 kW / hour.

The process gas is advantageous to use as a valuable and clean fuel for electricity production.

The operation of the ENRESS 1000 technology can be completely independent of the permanent connection to an external energy source and can therefore be energy self-sufficient. The operating consumption of the technology is 380 kWh.

An energy unit with a standard electrical efficiency of 40% can produce 0.75 MW / hour from process gas and the same amount of usable heat.


B) Use of liquid recyclate – process oil

The calorific value of liquid recyclate (oil) reaches 39 MJ / kg and enables an energy potential of 3,899 kW / hour.

The liquid recyclate (oil) can be used as a sales item as well, e.g. as a liquid thermochemical recyclate for further processing in the chemical industry, or as a fuel for some types of diesel cogeneration units with the following options:

production efficiency Ee ...............36%

production Ee........................... 1,400 kW / hour

usable thermal energy.................056 kW (800 kW)

The operating consumption of the technology is 380 kWh.


C) The use of the carbon residue is possible in various industries.


We supply the ENRESS 1000 device in a modular container solution measuring L x W x H - 24.4 x 4.9 x 5.4 meters and a total weight of approx. 24 tons.

The prerequisite for thermochemical recycling is crushed tires to a size of 55x55 mm. For this purpose, we also supply crushing equipment in cooperation with partners.